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6. Asturies PHP
Members: 7I am a memberI am a member
Location: Asturias
Responsible: Ricky vr <email contact>
8. PHP Granada
Members: 4I am a memberI am a member
Location: Granada
Responsible: José Carlos Cruz Parra <email contact>
11. PHP Eivissa by Favrica
Members: 3I am a memberI am a member
Location: Ibiza
Responsible: SrMini <email contact>
14. Grupo de programadores de PHP granadino
Members: 1I am a memberI am a member
Location: Granada, Andalucía
Responsible: Programador PHP <email contact>
Catalan Countries Council PHP (Inactive)
Location: Banyoles
Responsible: Alex Corretge <email contact>
Contenidos Binarios SL (Inactive)
Location: Tudela, Navarra
Responsible: songoku25 <email contact>
Desarrollos PHP (Inactive)
Location: A Coruña
Responsible: Salva Mendez <email contact>
Dimension (Inactive)
Location: Madrid
Responsible: Syrus Akbary Nieto <email contact>
Enlaza Soluciones Informáticas Valencia (Inactive)
Location: Valencia
Responsible: David <email contact>
España (Inactive)
Location: Madrid
Responsible: aramos <email contact>
Grupo de desarrollo Ogma 9000 (Inactive)
Location: Valladolid
Responsible: Jorge Francisco <email contact>
Location: Zaragoza
Responsible: Ramon Marcos <email contact>
PHP Barcelona (Inactive)
Location: Barcelona
Responsible: Roberto <email contact>
PHP Cantabria (Inactive)
Location: Santander
Responsible: Esteban Smith Lopez <email contact>
PHP Galicia (Inactive)
Location: Galicia
Responsible: Ramon Antonio Parada <email contact>
PHP Logroño (Inactive)
Location: Logroño
Responsible: Diego <email contact>
PHP Madrid (Inactive)
Location: Madrid
Responsible: garretus <email contact>
PHP Málaga (Inactive)
Location: Málaga
Responsible: Domingo Lopez <email contact>
PHP Murcia (Inactive)
Location: Murcia
Responsible: Emilio Martinez <email contact>
PHP Navarra (Inactive)
Location: Lodosa
Responsible: Angel <email contact>
PHP Valencia (Inactive)
Location: Valencia
Responsible: <email contact>
PHP-Tarragona-Reus (Inactive)
Location: Tarragona, Cataluña
Responsible: Luís Calero <email contact>
Programadores de PHP de Bizkaia (Inactive)
Location: Barakaldo, Pais Vasco
Responsible: Ruben Crespo <email contact>
Programadores de PHP en Alicante (Inactive)
Location: Alicante, Valenciana
Responsible: jorge <email contact>
Soluciones y Desarrollos Software (Inactive)
Location: Valencia
Responsible: Jorge Llavata <email contact>
Usuaris catalans de PHP (Inactive)
Location: Barcelona
Responsible: Jordi Canals <email contact>